Chen Village Push Hands Footage

Back in the day, I remember hearing a story of how a westerner competed in the Chen Village push hands tournament and WON THE WHOLE THING!  At first, I did not believe this until I actually saw VHS footage of the whole tournament!  Recently, this footage has been posted on youtube and you can access it via the following:



I remember I did this type of training with one of my teachers back in the day. While it looks like it’s just a lot of brute force and pushing, there’s actually quite a bit of sensitivity training, strategy and conditioning involved. I remember reading somewhere about the goal of taiji is to allow for us to have a calm mind and react accordingly in the face of danger and other stressors.


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3 Responses to Chen Village Push Hands Footage

  1. taiwandeutscher says:

    Ja, I did the same thing here in Taiwan for some years, horrible. Today, I think this is not what I expect and train internal arts to be.

    And the funny thing is: do these xuanshou meet shuaijiao or judo fighters, they have not a bit of a chance to win. So, where is the sensitivity working then?

    And even I`m kind of happy that Chen practitioners didn`t win this one, Mario only won because of his judo background, not for his ZMQ trainig.

  2. wujimon says:

    @TD: Like you, I used to do this kind of stuff, but no longer. It’s interesting to see, but not my cup of tea 🙂

  3. wayne hansen says:

    i have had this footage for quite a while.
    at least this shows some sort of skill but is not tai chi.
    it is jui jitsu that wins the day here.

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