Chen Xiaoxing’s USA Seminar Schedule

I missed Chen Xiaoxing (CXX) last time he came through the US, but he’s making his way around again. This time, I may have the opportunity to check him out! I’m pretty excited about the whole thing as the last time I attended a workshop was back in like 2004 (Pizza With Chen Xiaowang).

I have always been a fan of CXX’s flavor and execution of Chen Style Taijiquan. He has this relaxed and flowing demeanor and cadence about him that I really dig. I’ve often noted that to me, he’s like a mix of Chen Zhenglei and Chen Xiaowang, but has his own personal flavor and flair.

After contacting my local event organizer, it seems the content of the seminar will focus on movement principles and posture corrections through Silk Reeling Exercises (SRE) and Laojia Yilu. This is perfect!  HOWEVER, the down side is most of my current taiji training has been focusing on Yang Style Taijiquan 😦

But on the flip side, this feels like an opportunity that I should not pass up. So, that means that I will be switching gears and doing some more Chen to get up to speed and prepare myself for the seminar. It would be a shame to attend the seminar, only to be tired out within the first couple of hours or so…  It sounds funny, but for those who have never been to a weekend seminar before, the goal is to work on one’s endurance leading up to the seminar. After all, each day will consist of anywhere between 6-8 hours of taiji per day!

For more on Chen Xiaoxing, check out Kungfu Magazine: The Simple Wisdom of a Village Grandmaster. For a clip of Chen Xiaoxing in action, check out:





The seminar schedule as well as some contact information:

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing’s USA seminar schedule – 2008

April 19/20 – Seattle, WA

April 26/27 – Chicago, IL

May 3/4 – Washington D.C.

May 10/11 – Bellmawr, NJ

May 17/18 – San Diego, CA

** Details and links courtesy of ChenWired: GM CHEN XIAOXING’s USA seminar schedule – 2008


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