Shiny and New

I take the same route to work every morning, yet this morning, something felt different. Perhaps it was the snow on the branches or the beaconing light of the service truck that made the route feel “new” again. I’m not sure, but it was a strange feeling, one that I have not felt for some time.

I have started reading the book, T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Lessons with Master TT Liang again.  I have read the book before, but this time through, things feel new.  The simplicity of the format and message make more sense now than they did before. Passages that I threw aside as mumbo jumbo now have more meaning.

Repulse the monkey is no longer just some arm movements, but it now had deeper meaning than it once did. From the outside, the movement appears simple, yet executing this simple movement can take years of practice to master.

Sing … as if no one is listening.

Dance … as if no one is watching.

Love … like you’ve never been hurt.

Live … everyday as if it were your last


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