Trimming the Noise

I am beginning to realize there *is* such a thing as information overload.  I have so many RSS Feeds that it’s impossible to stay on top of them all. The solution: View each feed and determine if it stays or goes. Make the decision up front and stick with it. Sure, I may miss something or not hear about it within the first couple hours of the story breaking, but if it’s truly pertinent news, it’ll find its way to me.

In addition to trimming RSS feeds, I have pretty much cut out visiting forums from my daily routine. I don’t even remember the last time I visited EmptyFlower to see what’s the hub bub on the taiji chatter. Just to test, I looked the first page of posts on the taiji forum, nothing of interest.

There’s this idea called the Signal to Noise Ratio, converting this to more layman and info tech days, I basically translate it to mean, if you have too much noise, you may miss the signal.  Instead of spreading my attention too thinly, why not focus. 


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4 Responses to Trimming the Noise

  1. Rick Matz says:

    While I’m always on the look for new stuff, not only regarding the internet, but pretty much everything; I am also always pruning back as well.

  2. wujimon says:

    For me, the hardest is to find that balance between info overload and lack thereof ­čÖé I guess that’s the key for everything, eh? Finding the central equilibrium.

  3. Rain says:

    This arlitce went ahead and made my day.

  4. Verstehe ich nicht. Meinst du jetzt, wenn dir ein Sexualstraft├â┬Ąterp├â┬Ą├â┬Ąrchen gegen├â┬╝bersitz und auf Facebook postet kannst du dein Leben besonders genie├â┼Şen? Oder kannst du solche P├â┬Ą├â┬Ąrchen nur in vollen Z├â┬╝gen genie├â┼Şen? Oder hast du den Artikel gar nicht gelesen oder gelesen und nicht verstanden und versuchst das einfach mit Gehirnm├â┬╝ll zu ├â┬╝berspielen?Man sagt ├â┬╝brigens “…in keinster Weise verstehen” und nicht “in kleinster Weise verstehen” – wobei das ziemlich gut auf dich und deinen Kommentar zutrifft.

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