Slipping on the Daily Review

Hi, my name is wujimon and I’ve fallen off the GTD wagon. It has been weeks since I’ve done a daily review, let alone a weekly review. I have been working out of my inbox and yellow sticky notes.

The first step to combat the issue is to start anew.  With a preview pane in my email application, I have a scroll bar! A big no-no… By viewing the preview pane, I only allow myself roughly 10 emails before it starts scrolling. Back to up-front decision making. Create action, file, follow-up, or trash. Pick one and move on.

Trying to ween myself off the palm desktop, I’ve been fumbling with other task managers. Not good because it requires too much thought. My flow is broken. I like the simplicity of the Palm Desktop Tasks application. No priorities, no due dates, just context categories and a space for my to ‘check’ things off. Oh.. how I love to check things off.

Yellow stickies have become tasks lists when they should really be capture spots. Capture then process. I process a couple of the stickies, crumble them up and throw them away. I feel good. Ohh.. how I love the sound of crumbled paper hitting the garbage can in the morning.

The daily review is a thorn in my side. I have a reminder about 15 mins before the end of each and every work day to do a daily review. In the midst of fire fighting and tight deadlines, this is often ignored. I don’t want to be a fire fighter.  Instead of a reminder, it has been changed to be a 20 minute appointment with myself at the end of the day.  Respect the hard landscape of the calendar.

Has anyone else fallen off the GTD wagon?  What are some of your own strategies to get back on?


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2 Responses to Slipping on the Daily Review

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  2. Shang Lee says:

    hey, i’m not sure if this is an excuse for falling off the GTD wagon, but I just realised that having a central place for me to file myself was as important as the Palm Treo that i have to file the various projects and actions. Can’t get things done when everything else has a home except myself! maybe revitalising the environment you’re in might help. good luck!

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