Samsung Blackjack and GTD

A couple of weeks ago, after multiple weirdo issues, I decided to replace my Treo 650 with a Samsung Blackjack. While there are quite a bit of physical differences with the Blackjack being lighter and A LOT thinner, the change in OS and workflow has been quite a challenge.

The Blackjack uses the Windows Mobile OS (WM OS) versus the Palm OS of Treo. The first time I tried using the WM OS, I didn’t like it (see Cingular 2125 First Impressions). The second time using it, I’m still not entirely sold on it. The main reason is the implementation of tasks ( see Cingular 2125 Second Impressions). Personally, I like to work from ‘contexts’ list in GTD terms. That is, I group my action items in terms of context. When I’m at home, I only want to see tasks I can do at home. When I’m at work, I only want to see work related tasks, etc.

While it’s possible to filter tasks based on category in WM OS, it IS NOT possible to assign a category to a task when entering on the phone. What this means is I have to modify the task at my home computer to assign it a category. In addition, assigning a category in Outlook is not as intuitive and easy as it is in Palm OS.

However, with all these minor shortcomings and gripes, I do like the Samsung Blackjack. Not only for it’s looks, but for some reason, I’m less worried about picking the right category for an action item. I’m less worried about being in the right context at the right time. Overall, it seems to have made things a bit simpler. More and more, I am digging this whole K-I-S-S philosophy thing, that is: “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.


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2 Responses to Samsung Blackjack and GTD

  1. Shang Lee says:

    didn’t consider an iPhone?

  2. wujimon says:

    Hey Shang. I thought about the iPhone for a bit but I already have a 30G Video iPod, so felt it a bit unnecessary 🙂 Gotta try to maintain some type of control 😉

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