Student Enrichment Exercises

This morning after reading Taijiquestion’s comment on little time spent on Zhanzhuang, I had a flashback of my primary schooling days. In math class, near the end of the chapter, there would be “Enrichment Exercises” that would often be used for extra credit.  These type of exercises generally go above and beyond the current curriculum, often times providing a little more challenge for those up to the task.

In my own experience, the first time I was introduced to Zhanzhuang, the instructor had the class do about 5 mins or so. He then told a story of how his instructor required at least 20-25 mins before class, and then he proceeded with the current day’s lesson. Back in my wushu days, my teacher would often times show us a little exercise we could work on. He’d only spend a couple of mins going over it and then moving on. In a couple of weeks, he’d ask us to demonstrate the exercise he had shown us to see if we were practicing it. Ever since then, I’ve often viewed these “couple minute overviews” as “Enrichment Exercises for extra credit”.

These enrichment exercises are the ones that are barely spoken of, yet very important. Generally, the “grading” is received in the form of a nod or slight smile. The credit is moving on to bigger and brighter things.


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2 Responses to Student Enrichment Exercises

  1. taijiquestion says:

    That puts things into better perspective! Thanks Wujimon. I guess there’s no teacher like experience.

    Even if I don’t “get” some of the classroom movements demonstration at the time; I can still practice the standing (Zhanzhuang) on my own time, and everything will benefit…

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