The ‘Netflix’ of Martial Arts DVDs

I’m a big fan of Netflix. I love messing around with my queue and browsing for those weird films I haven’t seen. However, I have often been disappointed in the number of martial arts related titles on the service, especially in the area of martial arts instruction.

Well, today the issue has been addressed. A friend of mine sent me a link to: Bushido DVD

Bushido DVD is the world’s largest on-line DVD rental company specializing in martial arts & self defense related titles. Members have access to our vast DVD collection of over one thousand martial arts instructional, training, documentary, and tournament titles, along with a wide selection of classic kung fu, samurai and contemporary martial arts films and anime.

I conducted a brief glance at their offerings and was surprised to see Chen Zhenglei and Yang Zhenduo in their arsenal. I also recognized other names like Eric Paulson from the MMA realm. One of their most popular rentals is: Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na.  Perty Nifty..


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3 Responses to The ‘Netflix’ of Martial Arts DVDs

  1. I wish them luck, but at present, their selection is quite poor. Maybe they should head over to Chinatown and pick up a stack of $5 CMA VCDs.

  2. Bushido DVD says:

    Please let us know what you mean by CMA VCDs so we may look in to this. We purchase all of our DVDs from the producers and distributors of the titles rather than from other sources to avoid issues associated with copyright infringement. Thank you.

  3. wujimon says:

    Hi Bushido.

    CMA VCD = Chinese Martial Arts Video CD. Generally video footage is of DVD format, however a lot of videos coming out of china are still in the VCD format. DVD is higher quality, and preferable in my opinion.

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