CCTV 2007 Chinese New Year Taiji Demo

A couple of days ago, I went over to my in-laws house and they were telling me how great the taiji demo was on the 2007 Chinese New Year’s special. I asked them what style it was and they didn’t know, but I assumed it was some wushu-taiji variant.

When I got home, I popped the DVD into my player and scanned until I found the demo. I believe they were demoing a section of the Chen form with a mix of yang and others. They had some high flying kicks and nuttily crazy balance moves and was a good show with lots of oohs and aahhs..


My wife watched it on her own so the next day I asked her what she thought. She said it was ‘OK’ but something was wrong with their shoulders and they appeared to be lacking something. Plus, they didn’t follow through on a lot of their movements. They had a lot of flashy movements, she said, but it just didn’t *feel* like taiji.. I smiled and said, “I am proud to call you my wife.. ” 😉


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