Joining Cook Ding’s 2007 Lenten Challenge

From Cook Ding’s Kitchen:

The challenge is this: from Ash Wednesday (tomorrow) until Easter (April 8), train every day, without fail, no excuses. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Some days, you might only be able to get a few minutes of training in; but the point is to do it everyday, no matter what.

Count me in!! Who else is in? Proclaim it on your blog or post a comment on Cook Ding’s Post. Let the fun begin!!


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4 Responses to Joining Cook Ding’s 2007 Lenten Challenge

  1. Shang Lee says:

    but it’s Chinese New Year, and there’s all those good food, late nights chatting with people you haven’t met for ages… oh, no excuses… 😉 i’ve been trying to set a time to do this everyday, by finding a time where i have the “least excuse” to train. i’m still at the “trying” stage… good luck to you!

  2. Rick Matz says:

    That’s just it – we have so many reasons not to train. Just keep this one small commitment to yourself. Just one day at a time.

  3. zenmindsword says:

    been there before. sometimes training seems like a chore – hate to sweat, got things to do, tv to watch, email to write, kids to take care of, etc – so many things to do except train. yet do we stop breathing – yeah, let’s take a break from breathing.

    until taiji becomes a necessity like breathing we will always have a reason not to train regularly. the day i started to sense the internal is the day it started to become a necessity.

    because then there is joy to find out more, to go beyond just what everyone else is talking about, to go into the mystery of what the taiji principles talk about rather than what i think it is which i now know is largely off the mark. thinking it is and it is as it is can be two different things.

    it takes effort and dedication to find out what it really is. its like a rollercoaster of a novel that you can’t put down. you have to keep reading to find out more.

    maybe this is the impetus we are searching for in order to do regular training?

  4. Shang Lee says:

    zms, this sounds very much like the “tipping point” in tai ji learning. can u elaborate more on this “sensing the internal”?

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