Energy Efficient Configurations

As quoted by Prot from the movie K-Pax:

Why is a soap bubble round? Because it is the most energy efficient configuration.

Isn’t this idea of finding the most energy efficient configuration similar to our own goals within taiji? I’ve been told that in taiji, we are try to align ourselves in such a way that very little muscular strength is needed to hold the posture.

At first, everything hurts. Legs are in pain, shoulders are in pain, our own minds hurt because we feel awkward and not connected. But over time, the pain usually subsides. Why? Are we using less muscular strength? Have our muscles gotten stronger?


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2 Responses to Energy Efficient Configurations

  1. silkreeling says:

    it is just a process that first transform the body, then the mind.

    you can call it moulding.

    or you can see like preparing and kneading the dough for baking.

    in truth, when you relax the muscles, the ligaments and tendon does the work, and these form part of the meridian system in qi flow theory.

    hey i may be wrong.

  2. wujimon says:

    Thanks for your input and mentioning of the tendons/ligaments. I forgot that we must work on expanding and opening to allow for activity in the tendons/ligaments šŸ™‚

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