Chen Zhonghua Yilu 13 Movements

Wow… There has been quite a barrage of videos put out by Chen Zhonghua over the past couple of days. One that caught my eye was a demonstration of the first 13 moves of the Hong Chen Style Practical Method. To get this level, most would have to purchase a video and hope alternate angles were shown.


For me, this is an example of Chen Zhonghua being part of the new waves of teachers. I get the feeling he does not hold back and just lays it all out there. No reservations, either you get it, or you don’t. No secrets. Skill comes about by gongfu, hard work and effort.

I’ve seen footage of his seminar DVDs and I admit, they are great! I get a chance to actually see what is being taught and trained at the seminars. Sure, I don’t get the hands on corrections, but I do get the corrections, the exercises, and the explanations. He goes into great depth about why things work and shows how they work and common pitfalls.


I have to admit, I like this approach. When I checked his youtube profile tonight, there were 35 Shared videos!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!


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