Chen Zhaokui Hidden Hand Punch on Youtube

That’s right folks, some rare video has surfaced of Chen Zhaokui performing chen style hidden hand punch on youtube.  For those that don’t know, Chen Zhaokui is the son of Chen Fake (for more info, see Taiji Gongfu Chen Lineage page). 

While the clip is only 11 seconds, it’s interesting to note the positioning of the punching hand. The right hand almost seems to stay in the center of the body for a bit before the fajing.

Also, what is the significance of the finger positioning of the left hand. I was shown this when I used to do the 48 standardized form, but since training in the chen village method, it has been less emphasized. I’ve been taught to just keep the hand open and near the side of the body in the punch.

One other thing I noted off the bat, the movement after the punch seems a lot like what’s done in the Hong Method…


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7 Responses to Chen Zhaokui Hidden Hand Punch on Youtube

  1. lgs says:


    im not a chen man. yet. im still young….i bet this man hurt peeps. that hidden hand punch just sneaks up on you.

    god i love youtube.

  2. wujimon says:

    I agree, there is quite a bit of “martial intent” behind his training. He just “looks” scary.. 🙂

  3. zenmindsword says:

    did you notice that the silk reeling is so internalized it appears as if there is none at all………..

  4. wujimon says:

    Hi ZMS. You bring up something I’ve always had reservations about. Sometimes when I ask questions, I get the response,

    “ohh.. Master X is at such a high level that he can do anything he wants and still adhere to the principles”

    Personally, I find this line of reasoning to be a cop-out and leads me to believe the person I am asking has never really questioned the teachings of said master.

    I like the reasoning of buddhism, in that you are not to taking everything as fact. We should consider what’s being said and explore the concept ourselves to see if the statement is valid.

    Thanks for triggering this notion, ZMS. I like the way you question things and as such, it has often resulted in myself questioning my own path.

  5. silkreeling says:

    he appears to be light hearted, even with a smile. there’s dagger behind that smile and that is scary……

  6. zenmindsword says:

    hey wujimon, God gave us a brain to think so don’t be afraid to do so 😉 i love the silk reeling stuff but i seriously question how one can apply it when a punch comes at you in a split second. but looking at chen zhaokui’s form i’ll believe that he can use it against fast punchers. though i love the internal stuff like everyone else still we should not be caught up with it. having the force is not enough any more than having the techniques is enough. its a combination of both that makes the art practical and effective.

  7. wujimon says:

    @ZMS: Agreed. It reminds of your post about a gun and the person shooting the gun. To me, this is why correct body methods are so important. While it may appear to be focused on the “physical” realm at first, I think it’s a good foundation to then build upon the energetic aspects of the art.

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