Chen Xiaowang Demonstration of Principles

A Human Being is like a taiji ball, evenly divided into black and white. Both Yin and Yang are defined to this scope.

Practicing, using and preparing your breath is good for your health.

Grasping, locking and capture should all be combined. Any skill is designed to break your opponent’s balance

Who say’s Chen Taiji doesn’t discuss principles?? 🙂  Above are some translations from a video of Chen Xiaowang visiting Chen Village and demonstrating taiji principles on his nephew, Chen Ziqiang (son of Chen Xiaoxing).


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8 Responses to Chen Xiaowang Demonstration of Principles

  1. zenmindsword says:

    ha, ha wujimon. just wondering what principles are being discussed here. what does being “a taiji ball” mean. that is a description of requirement, not principles. its like me saying we must be like a piece of silk – press and no pressure can be applied. but what does it mean in terms of training principles? otherwise its like saying but not saying 😉

  2. silkreeling says:

    he talked about the all-sided or 8-sided support principle and why it is important in combat. he also twigged chen ziqiang’s posture slightly to achieve that. ; – )

  3. chenquestion says:

    I was interested to hear GM Chen talk about the body being like a taiji ball.
    This is a challenging concept that seems to hold out exciting possibilities, whether by meeting the requirement, keeping to the principle, or – ?

    FWIW, I’m aware of another master – of the Cheng Man Ching lineage – who has addressed this topic. His name is Koh Ah Tee and I don’t know anything about him except for this provocative interview I found on the internet. If interested, it’s at:

    While Chen Xiaowang is more famous for workshops and corrections than interviews, I’m always glad to find any article by him!

  4. wujimon says:

    While CXW may not have covered principles in the ‘common’ sense, he did cover things like the “why”. As Silkreeling mentioned, the importance of structure in it’s martial sense, as well as other martial principles.

    CXW tends to focus more on minute adjustments to alignment in order to open the joints for qi flow. He’ll take a look at a posture and know what’s wrong. In fact, his little adjustments to my zhanzhuang had huge effects.

  5. sdflyer says:

    For some reason chen xiaowang really suck here

  6. wujimon says:

    Hi sdflyer, like you, I was not too impressed with the clip either, but ultimately I think it’s due to myself not really understanding it. For more on the topic, check out Formosa Neijia’s write up, The Truth about Chen Xiaowang’s Fight Pt 2.

  7. chenquestion says:

    The most illustrious living practitioner of Chen taijiquan doesn’t need me to defend him, but: if he did have an off day, “the exception proves the rule”. Something I read years ago really stuck in my mind, something about: if you never fail, you’re simply living and working in your comfort zone, never daring to try something more challenging. (Some of life’s “golden boys” and girls fall into this category… until their dumb luck runs out.)

    Maybe the coolest thing of all about taiji – for the greats and the unknowns equally – is the unlimited path of learning and achievement it offers. Hope I don’t sound to preachy here. I’m a former know-it-all who’s now glad to aspire to the title of “student for life”. 🙂

  8. wujimon says:

    Hi Chenquestion. Nice quote about trying to push oneself out of the comfort zone 🙂

    On a flip side, sometimes I feel some folks got pushed in the lime light too quickly and now it could be too hard to really journey outside the comfort zone for fear of losing face.

    Even to this day, there are some folks who will gladly take on challenges from all walks of life.

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