Musings on Yang Taiji

Lots of good stuff going around the interweb about Yang Taiji. What’s the distinction between “Yang Family” and “Yang Style” taiji? This idea of “Family” style is a recent development within the taiji world.  See the following links for lots of good reading about Yang taiji.

The comparisons mentioned by ZenMindSword on Taiji@Stagmont really hit the heart of the matter by looking at principles.  In our execution of the form, do follow the principles of roundness, expand-contract, structural integrity, and martial intent?

For me, taiji is like an onion with many layers. What do I focus on when training the form? Do I focus on smoothness? Do I focus on connectedness? Do I focus on what direction my dantien is rotating? I get a bit frustrated if I try to focus on everything at once. It’s best to take things in little steps. Focus on one piece and slowly string them together.

I remember a time when I was doing single and double handed silk reeling exercises. I got so frustrated because I didn’t feel “connected” in my single handed silk reeling.  My solution was to stop. I stopped doing single handed silk reeling for a month.

What’s the point? I’m not really sure.  However, I am positive that if I keep practicing things will start to make sense.


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One Response to Musings on Yang Taiji

  1. Cindy says:

    I agree. Focusing on one thing at a time is the best solution. Just focusing on one movement or a principle a week. However, keeping the whole picture in mind, zooming in and zooming out periodically is also important.

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