Chen Xiaowang 38 Form

Chen Xiaowang 38 Form: The form I like the practice from time to time when I want to mix things up a bit. Interesting mix of laojia and xinjia elements.


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2 Responses to Chen Xiaowang 38 Form

  1. chenquestion says:

    For me, this is the set that more or less “saved me” in tai chi. Long story short: I was learning the “other” classic short Chen form, the 36-Forms of Professor Kan Gui Xiang. I was very inexperienced and between hard labor at my job, and not differentiating substantial and insubstantial in my taiji practice, I injured my right knee pretty good. This haunted me for months and I pretty much gave up on taijiquan. But through resting my knee and a special exercise I discovered, I was able to heal the injury and now my knees are virtually bulletproof.

    At some point thereafter I encountered the 38 Forms as taught by CXW disciple Ren Guang Yi. Master Ren had splendid form, and “charisma” too. (Talking about study materials here; I’ve never met the man though I spoke to him on the phone once.) The 38 forms were cool and I went right to work, reinspired. Though I later switched to the 56 “competition” short Chen form as my mainstay, it was the very interesting 38-form that saved me from being a “former” TJQ student.

  2. wujimon says:

    Hi Chenquestion. So the thing about the 38 form that saved you is b/c it was cool and prompted you to start training again?

    Personally, I think the thing that saved you was realizing the importance of differentiating between full/empty. Even to this day, I still work on that point 🙂

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