Finding Taiji in Everyday Life

I received a question from a reader inquiring the meaning of my blog’s tagline: Finding Taiji in Everyday Life.  The question basically inquired what’s the meaning behind that and what does it mean to me.
When I first started taiji, it was just a class thing. That is, go to class, do some taiji, then go home. That was it, not too much outside of class practice. But slowly, over time, things started to change and I was doing more and more training at home outside of class. Then, I started doing taiji outside in public, then finally started doing taiji EVERYWHERE.

What do I mean by everywhere? As an example, my wife and I were waiting for a museum to open, so to make use of the time, I decided to put up my leg on the nearby pillar and start stretching. Mind you, this is after my wife and I have been together for more than 9 yrs, so she’s used to it 🙂

Other times, while waiting in line for a movie, I would practice my zhanzhuang. Slowly, I would sink down just slightly, relax my knee, relax my lower back, and just slow my breathing. Often during dinner, I can be seen getting up from my chair to practice 1-2 postures of the form, only to be interrupted by my toddler son telling me to “sit down!” “Eat, Eat!”. It’s really quite amusing.

To me, that’s finding taiji in everyday life. It’s not just a classroom thing, it’s not just a “when I’m in my silk pajamas” thing (btw, I don’t have any silk pajamas 🙂 ).  It’s about walking down the street and all of a sudden busting out double silk handed stepping. It’s about pushing doors with “peng” energy, trying to align the force to come from the rear leg.  It’s about sitting at my desk and slowly raising my arms to a zhanzhuang posture to center myself in this hectic world.

It’s about taking the principles of taiji and applying them to everyday life.  Don’t confront force with force, but yield. Look for efficient movement and action that will yield the biggest results.  It’s about finding root and being centered in life.



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One Response to Finding Taiji in Everyday Life

  1. cindy says:

    I agree with you. Taiji is not a simple form of excise. It can teach you something that you can apply to your life. It is not easy to get it. Even if you get it, it is not easy to apply it. Practicing with your mind and body is the only way to go.

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