Personal Demonstration of Skill

Sifu Stier:

I consider personal demonstrations of skill for an Internal Style martial artist to include, but not necessarily be limited to, the ability to monitor and control their own internal mental and physical environment…i.e. personal biorhythms, intrinsic energy cycles, internal organ functions, normal thought patterns and emotional patterns, etc., in order to attain and maintain a state of perpetual good health in body, mind and spirit.

Additionally, I would consider the ability to personally maintain a healthy body weight, an excellent state of overall physical fitness, and the ability to apply the Form Postures to self-defense as a soft style internal kung-fu art. In the end, whatever is expressed outwardly….our personal demonstration…is a reflection of what we think and feel inwardly.

What good is it to be a peerless fighter as a martial artist if lack of attention to some of these other training agenda priorities results in dying too young….or perhaps worse….living too long in a state of disability and poor health as an elderly person?

Source: Emptyflower on Liu Gaoming Yang Tai-Chi

I think this is a great quote and really gets to the point I was trying to get at when I spoke about the role of character in martial arts. Is this too much to ask? To me, it’s the epitome of a martial artists. I may be naive, but I sort of expect a martial arts master to be of calm mind and character and to treat his/her body well. I think Sifu Stier hit it on the head with:

In the end, whatever is expressed outwardly … our personal demonstration, is a reflection of what we think and feel inwardly.

To me, this really sums up the idea of finding taiji in everyday life.


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5 Responses to Personal Demonstration of Skill

  1. Dear wujimon!

    I feel quite honored to discover that you have quoted my writing regarding ‘Personal Demonstration of Skill’ in your blog. It’s always a heart warming pleasure to know that others have found something of value in our personal efforts.

    Thank you so much!


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  3. You are where you are and that's where you start. So when I read a quote like that I have two thoughts… Well you know me maybe a lot more than that…LOL1. Everyone already controls there bio this and energy that by what they do, think, eat, ect.2. An “super” control of body functions and expression to small details is so very very rare and most people are sold this idea but don't want to be monks living in the temple closed off from the world.So you are where you are and that is where you start… Common sense approaches will get one the biggest bang for the buck.

  4. wujimon says:

    Hi Rick. The bioenergetic stuff is not that important to me, it's more about “maintain a healthy body weight, an excellent state of overall physical fitness”. This is what speaks to me when I think of this quote in relation to fitness.

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