Amending Taiji Training Goals

Well… I’ve already failed my goal of continuous taiji training! 😦 The weekend came, and we had a sitter for my son and the rest is history. Ultimately this resulted in two days of no training whatsoever. The new goals will be as follows:

  1. 28 Days of Taiji. I’m still going to shoot for 28 days of consecutive taiji training, but I will update the progress accordingly. Since I had a weekend of no training, I will start the counter again at 1 since I did some training over lunch today.
  2. 100 Days of Zhan Zhuang. This used to be 100 Hrs of zhan zhuang but I think that’s a bit too daunting. Instead, I’m going to track progress on 100 Days of zhan zhuang with the exception of allowing a 2 day break for weekends…. I know.. I know..

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2 Responses to Amending Taiji Training Goals

  1. zenmindsword says:

    ha, ha, …… i should not say i told you so 😉

  2. wujimon says:

    haha.. I know, man.. I know. I gotta be realistic for myself.. 😉

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