Two Weeks of No Taiji!

What??? Is that a typo in my title? No.

Forgive me father, for I have sinnned. It has been two weeks since my last taiji training session. I have no real reasons, just excuses. The weather is too hot, and I am easily distracted. I want to be better. I want to be a better taiji practitioner. I spread the taiji gospel to all those who I think could benefit from taiji, yet I do not practice myself. I feel like a fraud, father. Please forgive me. Tell me the penance so I may repent.

In a whispering voice from the corner of my mind:

wujimon, the answer is simple. You must first learn to stand before you can walk. With each and every step, be balanced. Don’t lean on others and don’t let others lean on you. Practice, Practice, Practice.

On the main page of my blog, a new section in the sidebar has been added called “Goals”. The first goal is 28 Days of Taiji. It is commonly said that it takes 28 days to build a habit, so I will try to do some taiji training each and every day for 28 days. This could be forms practice, hotel taiji, silk reeling, movement training, just some type of training instead of the occasional silk reeling technique while walking down the street.

The second goal is 100 Hrs of Zhan Zhuang. I’ve attempted this before but failed at the 12 hr mark. This time I will persist and the incentive will be the fact that I have the goals and progress bars on the main page of my blog! I’ve used services like TracksLife, 43 Things, Joe’s Goals for tracking progress, but I could easily hide behind those services b/c the status and progress wasn’t very visible. However, with it being listed on the front page of my blog, I really have no where to hide.
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8 Responses to Two Weeks of No Taiji!

  1. zenmindsword says:

    Goals and motivations
    Are for weaklings

    Real men
    Just get on with it

    Just like a treasure hunter
    Obssessed with El Dorado

    I live to practice
    For practice is life

    And taiji and the
    Mystery of the mind intention

    Is the last bastion
    Of science

    Since here it lay
    Before me

    Like a fascinating toy
    Before a toddler

    I will play and
    I will play

    Until there’s no fun
    No more

  2. wujimon says:

    Wow.. slightly harsh, there ZMS. I honestly do not believe that goals and motivations are for weaklings. I use goal defining in many facets of my life, sometimes I just call them projects list. Nothing more than a label attached to projected outcome.

    I agree the idea is to just do, not to think, not to ponder, not to talk of delusions, but to act. If pondering means I am not a “real man” in your opinion, then so be it.

    One of the hard things about this particular post is the admittance. Like I noted, it’s easy to hide behind veils and mask, behind imposed projections from others, but to me, I choose to be more personal. I choose to let people in on how I think, what I question, get a glimpse of my challenges. I choose to admit and explore, for only then am I really human.

  3. zenmindsword says:

    Forgive the harsh words
    But would you rather

    Have kind words
    Than true words

    That wake you up
    One day when you find

    The true taiji
    And leave the self behind

    You may look back at this
    And thank me instead

    No true master
    Or true friend

    Mince words
    Amongst good friends

    If your true goal
    Is to be achieved

    Don’t waste time
    Pondering over it

    Or writing about it
    Just do it

    Then later when you
    Have gotten it

    Come back and
    Write about it

    Not before then
    For you waste time

    Thinking about wanting to do it
    Rather than actually doing it

    If you think what I said is useless
    Ignore it

    If you can but reflect deeply
    You may yet realize how true

    The words are
    No matter how harsh

    For I’ve been to hell
    And back least you think

    I don’t understand you
    I do

    Maybe if I start charging
    For advice it would be

    Seen in its proper prospective
    For free advice is valueless

    May you one day
    Experience sudden enlightenment

    For a mountain can only be
    Ascended by your own effort

    Telling others about it
    Writing about it

    Admitting you are human
    Won’t climb the mountain for you

    P.S. don’t take up zen because you may get scolding worse than this to wake your mind up. if you think i’m hiding behind veils and masks you can come here and see what i know and decide for yourself if my words ring true or just a load of crap. bye my friend. train hard. i understand what the zen master said about helping sentient beings being a difficult task. you can only help yourself. go train. i have no more words left. back to silent illumination. i’m in the botanic gardens in singapore if you ever want to see for yourself. one day if my student manages to make me agree to an interview you may yet get to see what our taiji is like in the tai chi magazine. i’ve just turned him down again but he should be coming up with a nice interview with chen zhenglei in a future issue – keep an eye for it. good luck and adios

    P.S.2 – my student likes to think and ask questions and i only have harsh words for him because that is the only way to prepare his mind to accept the seemingly illogical. otherwise its totally pointless to try to teach a person who refuses to be taught though the outward attitude seems to be very interested in learning. if you ever get a chance ask him about it and you’ll understand where i’m coming from

  4. wujimon says:

    Hi ZMS.

    Thanks for coming back and posting a follow-up reply. I appreciate you took the time to expand a bit on your prior advice. In your “PS”, you commented how the zen tradition is quite scolding, which I have often heard, however I tend to believe the scolding is generally after a relationship has been formed between the student and the master in which the student has agreed to follow said master. In this context, scolding and harsh words could be appropriate.

    While your intentions may be true and helpful in nature, I feel the method did not translate well over the internet. My virtual door is always open to creative and constructive discussions.

  5. zenmindsword says:

    wujimon, i cannot stand another 20 hours flight to USA so words will have to do. i have met plenty of masters who on the first meeting says “your style sucks and your teacher sucks”. i never get angry. i just say “what do you mean? pls explain” and from there ended up with tons of knowledge which i would not have gotten otherwise.

    i see you are a serious student and open to criticism which is why i had to say it. on reflection i should have used “serious learner” instead of “real men” but i was writing it at work and with the possibility of the boss popping out anytime i made do with what came to mind. unfortunately once posted there can be no amendments.

    if you have a chinatown where you stay go and look up my grandteacher’s book. jarek has an excerpt on his website. look through it and see how much you can understand of the pictures – most of the people including me couldn’t understand most of what the book is about even after years of taiji training. you can also talk to bamboo leaf on emptyflower. he does a form which has the same name as my form though i am not sure if we are doing the same thing but his understanding is very close to mine.

    now that i am on the other side of the fence i don’t mind pointing you in the right direction but you must keep your mind wide open (and i mean really wide)otherwise its too easy to disbelieve what you see. one chen teacher here condemned the book by saying that the things showned inside is for reference only meaning load of bull that can’t be true. doesn’t know what he is missing. anywhere, i’ve been invited to write here ( ) so i might hang out there for a while and see how things go

  6. wujimon says:

    Hi ZMS.
    I’m glad things have been cleared up and there are no hard feelings 😉 I believe the article you are referring to on Jarek’s site is titled, Explanations of Nei Gong (Internal Skill) Principles by Wei Shuren correct? If so, I will take a read and try to understand.

    I appreciate you taking the time and effort in nudging me along the path. I’ll be sure to look out for your postings on the Sgwutan blog. Come by and visit anytime 😉

  7. zenmindsword says:

    yup brother. get the book! you’ll never regret it. bet it will the first and last book you ever want on yang style if not all styles of taiji

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