Do You Like Taiji?

Do You like Taiji?

__ Yes

__ No

__ Maybe

hehee.. 😉 I had a flashback of those days in elementary school where you would write a little note asking “Do you like me” and fold it up into either a little square with a small flap that you could pull to open, or if you were really skilled, a small heart or maybe a little crane. Were things so easy back then?

Back in the days, if someone said you suck, or your taiji sucks, the answer would be decided in some type of brawl. “In the playground, at 4pm today, we see who sucks!” 😉

Wasn’t this even the case back in the days of taiji legends? We often hear accounts of masters testing and proving their might in fights in defending their art, but what does this really prove?

For instance, in elementary school, 2 neighborhood kids almost got in a fight b/c one of them said bowling is not a real sport (the preferred past time of the other kid). So, like most young kids, they were gonna to answer that insult with a fight to determine if bowling is not a sport and it just so happened the bowler was a lot more in shape and stronger than the baseball player.  They never did fight, but if they did and the bowler won, does that prove bowling is a “real sport”?

Should we train a specific sport due to a key figure of that sport? Should we train a specific martial art due to a key figure of that martial art?  What is the meaning?


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