Visual Feedback

Internal Arts IA has written about Silk Reeling Practice Guidelines.  He make it a point to practice in front of a mirror! I must admit, I do not do this, nor have I done this at home. Sure, when I trained in a studio and a mirror was present, I did use it as a guide line for visual feedback.

How much visual feedback do we get or are we exposed to? If seeking regular instruction, I’m assuming this is quite common, but what about those of us that mainly train independently and solo? Like I noted, I don’t have a mirror, so it’s hard to get instant feedback. I’ve gotten some feedback from my wife from time to time. Most of her comments are regarding the smoothness of the movement.

A couple of years ago, I actually decided to make a video recording of myself doing the Chen 38 form developed by CXW.  It was quite an eye opener! I generally kinda-most-of-the-time critical when I view video footage of people doing taiji forms and in turn, I was critical of my own performance even though I did get some positive feedback from close taiji buddies of mine. While I thought I was relaxed, visually I could see all the tension spots: wrists, right hip, shoulder, etc.

I think it’s good practice to video tape ourselves from time to time as it’s definitely a good way to keep myself in check as I can think and imagine how good I move and appear, only to have it shattered by a real-life video.


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