New Finds 7/17/06

Just noting a couple of new finds recently:

  • Kazan of Tai Chi Do has some thoughts of his recent seminar with CZL and other thoughts in regards to the purpose and reason for training in taiji.
  • Minamoto of Wayfarer explores the circularity in taiji and asks for other IMA followers their thoughts on standing practice.
  • ZenMindSword has made a return in Delusional Mind in which he has made some interesting and thought-provoking posts while under the influence of cough syrup. Whatever it is, I gotta get me some of that cough syrup 😉
  • The Applied Karate Show features conversations with interesting martial artists about their takes on the world of classical karate – its personalities, philosophies, techniques, technologies and history.  Found this podcast and really enjoyed it when I had to travel across states for work. I especially liked hearing how certain instructors found martial arts.

Till next time …


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3 Responses to New Finds 7/17/06

  1. zenmindsword says:

    In my delusion
    I wander to

    Tai Chi Do
    And trust

    My visit did not
    Leave a Delusional Mess Do

    With my comments
    And ramblings

  2. Des Paroz says:

    Hi, thanks for listening to the Applied Karate Show, and for giving us a plug.

    Appreciate your comments.



  3. wujimon says:

    No worries, Des. I enjoyed the podcast and wanted to share so others could also enjoy 🙂

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