Breaking Structure Pt 2

I am still breaking structure and it seems as if I have not fully corrected my previous flaws. I had inquired a taiji buddy of mine on the topic and he said the answer was really quite simple, and that’s b/c I’m not tucking enough. The lower back needs to be elongated and the back nearly straight in order to do the transitions correctly without the knees going beyond the toes during transitions.

After getting home, I tried it and dag nabbit, he was right. I *thought* I was tucking pretty well, but I guess not. Basically, with the tuck and elongate, this really forces one to sink into the kua and not the knees during transition.

On a side note, my buddy told me that if I practiced Joseph’s form, I wouldn’t really run into these problems as much as that form teaches you how to move correctly. I’m still a bit hesitant on jumping the chen village ship and moving over to the Hong Junsheng/Chen Zhonghua (Joseph) camp but it’s getting more and more tempting. After watching the Detailed Yilu Instructions DVD again, it is *very,very* tempting as the logic for the hong form makes sense. It’s all about drawing in the with the elbow in order to use your body as support and creating “dynamic tension vectors” with your movements. He explains all of this quite well in his videos and his english is great. I think perhaps I’ll just go through some of the exercises in his foundational video to give things a whirl.


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