It’s all about perspective

Over the vacation week, we spent quite a bit of money in short period of time. I consider myself to be kinda frugal, but I think my wife prefers the term “money conscious”. We’ve worked hard in eliminating our credit debt and building a savings blanket and I must admit, it feels good to not worry about revolving credit debt.

I realized over the weekend, I was often hesitant on spending the money on furniture, when in retrospect, I now consider it money well spent. This is especially true when I factor in that I was prepared to spend roughly $4K on a saltwater coral reef tank! Ahh.. $600 is not that expensive for a metal halide based lighting system but is expensive for an entertainment center audio pier?? Hmm.. I think not.

I’m kinda similar when it comes to martial arts. Sure, I try to save money and look for deals but if I tally up the money I’ve spent on martial arts related material (books, videos, lessons), I’m sure I’ll be quite surprised. For example, consider a costs of say $50/month for group lessons. That comes out to be around $600/yr!

While I don’t believe in cutting all corners as that could decay the “quality of life” as we do need to have fun and find ways to enjoy ourselves without breaking the bank.  I admit, I have a sore spot for martial arts, gadgetry and aquariums that I really need to reconsider some of the spending, especially in light of creating a feeling of financial security.


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5 Responses to It’s all about perspective

  1. Shang Lee says:

    My financial black hole is books and martial arts as well. 😉 Technology used to be quite high up there, but i’ve resorted to “functional technology” as oppose to “latest technology”. Of course, temptation will still come now and again… :p

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  3. wujimon says:

    Yup yup.. I try to focus on functional technology instead of the “new cool guy toys” 😉

  4. chencenter says:

    When I moved from my rent house to owning my own condo, I felt like I had “made it.” So in sprucing the place up and decorating it with obvious “oriental flavor”… the nature love seemed to spring out in just about every room (and about broke me). The first was an indoor pond (yes… an indoor one). It is 100 gallons and has two imported japanese koi, Satori and Hatori. I have a 33gallon tank in my bedroom (that I just “had to have”) with a power-compact lighting sysem and full of live plants and african cichlids (converted to fw). My last investment was designing, building and maintaining a 6-foot long, 15 inch deep & tall tank to house my new baby bearded dragon (I also love reptiles).

    If you go to my page you’ll be able to see some of my pictures on Flickr. Otherwise just look me up on Facebook and you can see albums and albums of my tanks..tanks/creatures of the past & present…and other rad stuff.

    Wow. seems we’re alike more than just martial arts! But like you said, you’ve got to live life! right? 🙂

  5. wujimon says:

    Dude.. having an indoor pond IN your crib is nuts! I have only heard of one other guy doing this and he was nuts too.. the commonality is that both cases were chen taiji practitioners.. perhaps something in the chen jiagou water 🙂 lol But you’re right, we gotta live life and to me, taiji is a *part* of my life, not my life 😉

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