Where is the mind?

ZenMindSword writes about the intention within the taiji form. I found this to be a very insightful article and made me consider my own training. In his post, he simply asks:

So for example in single whip, at the end of the movement where would your mind be?

Before reading his post, I would answer the mind would be at the hand. When I learned taiji, I was taught the following qi/intention path (this is also emphasized by CXW and noted in a previous entry):

  1. dantien
  2. back
  3. shoulder
  4. elbow
  5. hand
  6. waist
  7. dantien

During the movement of the single whip the intention would start in the dantien and move through the sequence above ending with the intention at the hand which is linked by the eye’s focus on the hand and the intention being in the hand.

However, I like what ZMS notes in that the intention is placed upon the 5 bows and the concept of expansion.  This got me thinking again about how I may be “locked” in the physical realm in my taiji. Perhaps this is another plateau that I must break through b/c more and more, I am noticing how I think of taiji in physical terms.  I believe understanding the physical movements is good but I think ultimately, I need to get past this idea and move into the conceptual realm.

Ultimately, isn’t taiji about the mind and the intention?  All generally believe taiji is about opposites, hard-soft, fast-slow, etc etc, but what about the opposites of mind-body? I’m not really sure what I’m getting at or the point I’m trying to make, but I do know that I think I’m on to something…

Thanks, ZenMindSword for being the catalyst 🙂


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