Morning Mow

In the drive into work yesterday, I noticed someone mowing the lawn at 6:30am! While this person may be super productive and start the day early, I couldn’t help but wonder how her neighbors felt? Perhaps it was not such a big deal as it was during the work week and people tend to get up early, but still …

This reminds me a bit of a podcast on manager tools regarding time management, which basically noted that people are generally more creative more focused concentration between the hours of 7am and 10am. I would agree with this as I do feel as if my mind is at full operating speed during this time. Perhaps it has nothing to do with my finishing my morning coffee during that time.


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3 Responses to Morning Mow

  1. Just so long as we’re not accused of implying one should mow their lawn at 6:30 am! 🙂 All things in moderation.

    Mark Horstman
    Manager Tools

  2. lgs says:

    (imitating Steve Martin from “My Blue Heaven”) Eyyy, what a nice day for a mow!

  3. wujimon says:

    Personally, I’m a mid-morning kind of mow guy and like to keep things as such 🙂

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