Training Schedule

After reading about Squeezing in the Training Hours, I was prompted to write a bit about my own training. I had originally posted a bit about my training in a previous post titled, Current Training – End of 2005, but looking back on it.. I have not kept up the 100 hrs of zhanzhuang portion of my training. I feel kinda bad about it, but it’s something I want to resurrect in the future.

Currently, my training schedule consists of:
4:30 AM – Wake Up, prepare day
11:30 AM – 2 or 3 times a week do form training over lunch
8:30 PM – 3 or times a week do zhan zhuang and possible some form work
9:30 PM – go to bed

While I don’t put in as much time as I’d like, I do try to squeeze in what I can, where I can. As I mentioned on the original post, I’m hoping that after my son is a bit older, we can train together instead of me trying to do the form while he climbs on me )


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