Chen Zhenglei Seminar in Chicago

I received some seminar information from a taiji contact of mine. For those interested:
Chen Zhenglei workshop, Jun 24/25 2006 Chicago

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei is one of the Four great jingang’s (Gems) of Chen Style Taiji, and is officially accorded the title as one of the Ten Great Wushu Masters of Renown in Contemporary China.

His Taijiquan is an embodiment of the principle of gang (hard) and rou (soft), the duality of rou in gang (softness in hardness) and gang in rou (hardness arising from softness), thus presenting a rare treat to learn from.

Seminar Topics:
1: Training of Twinning Power (Chan si jin)
2: Chen style Taijiquan Old Frame 1 (laojia yilu)
3: Chen style Taijiquan Push-hands

Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25 2006

8:30 am to 3:30 pm (with lunch break)

Truman College
1145 west Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60640

$225 for two days and $125 for one day.

$200 for both days for students who have attended previous Chen Zhenglei workshops

Late Registration Fee:
$25.00 applies if not paid before Jun 20 2006.
At door Registration penalty charge: $25:00 and cash only.
No credit card accepted. Personal checks accepted for early registration only. No refunds.

Contact Information:

Send money order or check to

Jun Qin Song
PO Box 408321
Chicago, IL 60640-8321
Tel: (773) 780-1881


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