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The Taiji Student blog is now Shanglee.com. This site is quite nice and I’m a huge fan of integrating topics instead of having disjoint blogs. When I first started off blogging, I had a personal blog, a martial arts blog, a techie blog, etc etc..

Overtime, I started to feel as if my online presence was disjointed and not connected so I decided to collapse everything into 1 blog. So now I write about taiji, weird ramblings, aquariums, technology, etc etc. I feel this gives people and myself a better understanding of who I am b/c I do more and enjoy more than just taiji. This give myself perspective on what I feel is important and puts that in relation to other things.

Also included is a shout out to Life Giving Sword. You are not chopped liver, buddy ) Also, ZenMindSword is now posting on Ritual Cat.


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