TKD Sparring

An interesting video of ITF TKD Sparring.  It really amazes me how much TKD has changed over the years. I remember back when I did TKD it was a totally different place. I learned TKD from this former korean military korean guy. We referred to him as Master and he was pretty bada$$. Back then, we didn’t do the ITF style forms in which the height and stance varies, but did more of a “low” stance style of TKD. I’m assuming it might’ve been his military background or something but when we sparred, it wasn’t this “hop around on toes with hands down” kind of sparring. We held our fists up and blocked our heads in case of punches, backfists, elbows, what have you. Maybe it’s the difference between “traditional TKD” and “olympic TKD”?

One thing is for sure tho, these new ITF guys can really move. They are quite fast and really remind me of Hwoa Rang from Tekken 3.


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