Walking the Path

Chessman writes an interesting post about walking the path alone and I believe this is really the way. Teachers and classes provide us with a map, but it’s really up to us to find the path on the map. It’s our own responsibility to decide what is best for us and our body.  It’s our own responsibility to define what’s important in life and what that means in relation to our training.

I often recall my teachers telling me to not copy their outer shell but try to understand the principle, the meaning, the idea in the movement or posture.  Our own body interprets things differently and the true teacher is the universal teacher. Sounds kinda new agey, but I’m starting to believe it. Deep down, our body and our mind knows the correct path, we just need to find someone further along on the path to help us out from time to time.

This reminds me of two quotes that I often think about when I consider what’s is the correct path, what’s the best way….

The key to giving one’s life meaning is to take on something and master it! To go for less is poor. As someone once said, we should not seek to be like the masters of old, but to seek what they sought.

Chen Zhen:
The object of matching is to beat down the opponent.

Fumio Funakoshi:
Wrong kid, the best way to beat the opponent is to use a gun. … The goal of studying martial arts is to maximize one’s energy. If you want to achieve that goal, you must understand life and the universe. … Fighting is for animals.

– Interaction between Chen Zhen and Fumio Funakoshi. Fist of Legend


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