Latte Factor

After some review, I realized the latte factor is taking more of a toll than I had expected. I used to get coffee every morning at work and that would set me back about $1.50. While that’s not extravagent nor extreme (like starbucks everyday), it does begin to take it’s toll. This means that I spend about

$1.50 x 20days = $30 / month or …. $360/yr  ON  COFFEE

Whoa! While that may not sound like much, it’s quite a bit, especially seeing that I cannot justify the cost of a tivo with a monthly subscription of say roughly $15, yet I can spend double of that just on coffee when I could have easily brewed my own coffee at home, which is exactly what I’ve been doing.

For the past 2 days, I’ve brewed and drank my coffee on the drive in.  Looking at the savings, I think it’s definitely worth it.


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One Response to Latte Factor

  1. We made the same kind of adjustment at our house. I couldn't figure out where all the money was going, so I added up the money that me and my husband spent on Starbucks every day and I was shocked! Needless to say, we stopped drinking Starbucks and saved enough to purchase our own expresso machine. Well worth it!

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