Smooth Yang

Another session in the park yesterday and it was nice. The weather wasn’t too hot so I was hyped and ready to rock. I started off the session with a little bit of zhanzhuang. The blowing wind and the quit sounds of birds really helped me get into the “special place” as I felt serene. I actually get into that zone much quicker when I do zhanzhuang outside than inside. I recall reading something in the Way of Energy book by Kam Lam Chuen mentioning the affects of doing zhanzhuang near trees. Maybe I established some sort of connection )

After feeling gounded, I proceeded to go into the chen laojia yilu form. It wasn’t too bad, the flow was ok, but not as smooth as I had hoped for and wished for. Often times, I felt some tension in my wrists, especially during the kick part in the second section of the form. I think I was locking my wrists in weird angles a bit too much. I gotta straighten that line and let the qi flow to the fingers. Overall, it was a pretty good form, but nothing to be really excited about. Perhaps just more work.

Afterwards, I went into the yang long form. I really felt the flow and connection when doing this. Perhaps b/c I was really focusing on the structure and the alignment of my wrists and postures as it’s quite easy to do in the yang. I felt the flow, I felt connected, I just felt good. This reminds me of a comment I received from a reader of the blog, he stated:

In Yang style, you can’t hide behind a huge curriculum; you’re taiji is either good or it isn’t.

Wow.. how true is that? This is exactly what I’ve been feeling, but I want to keep an open mind to both the chen an the yang. I’ll do both until I feel that I really need to make a decision and really focus on path.


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