Off the wagon

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve fallen off the wagon from both a GTD and taiji perspective. I had written before about the similarities between GTD and taiji and one of the key things is the process. Don’t get muddled and focus on various tools but focus on the process, that’s the big key I’ve learned from a GTD perspective and due to that I’ve stuck with and focused on implementing GTD with the vanilla palm applications. This has been a life saver and really has saved me a lot of headache and strife, but can I say the same for taiji?

I had put the analogy of:

form:taiji :: tool:gtd

But is that really the case? If so, I’ve been very off track and gotten into the whole “new tool of the week” syndrome in GTD. The key for solving this dilmena in GTD is to not experiment with every new tool that comes out, but just do. Why is this so hard to maintain in taiji? I have the form (CXW’s version of the laojia yilu), but why do I tend to look at other forms or tools (CZL’s version of chen taiji, Chen Zhonghua’s chen, yang taiji, etc etc) instead of focusing on the process (central equilibrium, balance, structure, power, relaxation, etc)?

In GTD, the key is the weekly review. This is what keeps one sane and focus with the process. What is the weekly review in taiji? After having some recent talks with a new taiji acquaintance via email, I started to think about the importance of regular instruction/feedback to keep one on track. Since the birth of my son, this has become next to nil, but I try to stay on track by attending seminars when the masters do come around, but the hard part in this equation is to focus on one line of teaching instead of test tasting every flavor that comes my way.

What has kept me on GTD? Why have I not deviated and explored other personal productivity systems? I think the key is the rewards GTD has given me. I think with taiji, the rewards are not really that tangible as they are in GTD, but they are still there. A majority of my chen instruction has come down via the Chen Xiaowang (CXW) line of teaching and I can easily say what those rewards are:

  • Focus on structure and alignment
  • one principle, three techniques
  • movement breakdown into 4 counts
  • qi/alignment check at each count
  • and more

yet why the switch though I just listed out the rewards from CXW’s methods? I think the answer is the “weekly review”, however I’ve managed to stay on GTD pretty good without doing the weekly review at times, so ….


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