Primary and Secondary Training

A friend of mine suggested the idea of having a primary and secondary art in training in case one of them strart to plateau or whatever, then things don’t get so boring. I’m curious if the primary and secondary should be in the same art. For instance, chen as primary and yang as secondary (or vice versa ) ), or perhaps taiji as primary and something like liuhebafa as secondary?

To me, the latter idea makes a bit more sense as I don’t have to worry too much about them interfering with one another. Also, with the LHBF, it’d primarily be focusing on the 12 animals of LHBF and their applications and body harmony. Have been away from LHBF for some time and going back and doing some of the dragon form, I kinda miss it. I really don’t consider the standing zhanzhuang to be a second art as I don’t really consider myself practicing yiquan as a system, but more just the standing element.


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