Taiji in the Park

Yesterday was such a nice day that I could not resist welcoming the warmer weather with a session of taiji in the park over lunch! IT WAS GREAT! I drove to a nearby park about 5 mins away from work. At first I walked around the park to scope things out to check out potential areas to train. I decided on a little corner in the tennis courts. However, over time, ppl started coming into the adjacent basketball courts and I figured the tennis courts would be next.

I decided to to head to this little area off to the side that is surrounded by trees. It was very nice and pretty private. The space wasn’t too big, but enough for me to do the form. My first teacher used to tell me that you have real skill when you can do your form in the space of a cow laying down! I guess this is to teach angles and footwork and not to become fixated on the direction of the form. I’ve often kept this in mind when training in small spaces.

I did a bit of standing zhan zhuang meditation and then proceeded to do the chen laojia yilu. This felt pretty good. Afterwards, I did the first two sections f the traditional yang long form. This was also good and I would’ve did more but I forgot the sequence!!

My legs are a bit sore, but it’s all good.


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