Upcoming Seminar

Got a seminar coming up this year that I’m planning to attend. It’s with Chen Zhenglei (CZL) and I believe the topics will be some silk reeling, laojia yilu and potential some push hand patterns. I’m actually looking quite forward to this since I’ve never been to one of his seminars before and I’m quite fond of his form.

To prepare for the seminar, I’ve been trying to really get as much training in as I can. I’m quite happy b/c for the last 2 weeks, I’ve actually been able to get in some decent zhanzhuang sessions! While they weren’t fully “zhan zhuang” as the tv was on in the background, but it’s definitely better than not doing anything.

I can’t say I’ve done too much form training as I’ve been focusing on the standing ( Anyhoo, I’ve got some time before the seminar.. but I’m still really wondering if …. umm.. nadda….. just so hard to really focus when a buddy of mine tells me that from now on, he’s gonna stop training in the chen village forms and focus on the Hong Junsheng set b/c it’s very practical. In fact, you get instantaneous feedback if your structure is off b/c then the application won’t work.

He’s also noted the form has really helped to develop peng and the correct usage of his body, more importantly, the correct usage of the gua. Kinda hard to beat that when I could go and learn some forms…


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