Competition Taiji

Had a chance to check out clips of a recent taiji competition and whoa.. I can’t believe how nutty things have gotten! They were doing all sorts of nutty stuff like sticking a leg out and going all the way down with the foot out. Another crazy thing was to do a jumping front slap kick and then go immediately into a jumping, spinning, outside crescent with an added twist before landing on the ground in a hurdler’s stretch!!!

While I personally don’t believe this is “taiji”, it is very difficult and I do commend the practitioners for their athletic abilities. It’s definitely not easy to do some of these things as I painfully felt this weekend when I tried the whole squating up/down thing with a leg out. I wasn’t even about to attempt the jump slap twist combo thing as last time I did that without stretching and such, I pulled my groin muscle was out of commission for at least 2 weeks.

Anyhoo, after viewing some of the clips, I was the most impressed by a clip of this dude doing a mixture of chen and some of the new competition sets at the 2005 East Asian Games.  He moved quite well and I was very impressed with his control and alignment. If you want to check out the whole set, go to the following page and download to your hearts content: Wushu One Family – 10 All China Games Taiji


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