Poor Sick Me…

I’ve been out cold for like the past week or so. This is really taking a toll on my training as I’m just too dizzy to really do anything useful. At times, I tried to do some standing, but that doesn’t work out too well b/c I want to sleep. When I wake up, I want to get back in bed and no nothing. However, I have still been able to read about taiji, so I guess that’s a good thing??

Currently, I’m reading Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan to get the skinny on the details of the form. So far, it’s not bad. I’m about up to the point of the first grasps swallow tail sequence and it’s interesting to read about the “important points” or fine points for each posture. I’ve also noticed that I’ve really been able to do the taiji “empty step” quite well in the yang form, that is stepping with heel first and slowly transferring the weight as I do the move. I think it was a bit harder in chen b/c most of the steps were to the side but in yang, it’s all about keeping it in front.


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