Right Hip Still Tense

This is really strange as I’m still feeling tension in my right hip. It’s getting to the point that doing zhanzhuang just feels funny and I feel as if I’m over-correcting myself to get the posture right and to reduce the hip tension. I often look down to check my alignment to try and make sure that I am balanced from side to side. I’m not sure what it’s from. Before, I used to carry my son a lot and I caught myself sticking out my right hip to help compensate for the added weight, but since I made that realization, I’ve been working hard sinking into the right thigh instead of letting the weight jot out into my right hip.

Actually, one thing I’ve been questioning is the position of my cell phone. I have a “pouch” type of thing that looks like similar to this guy and while it’s nice and all, it does sit on my right hip!! I’ve questioned changing places for my cell phone before and thought of carrying it around in my manbag (Timbuk2 Euro Tote) but then I can’t feel the vibrate alert on my phone as I tend to turn the volume off. I did just recently switch the location of my pouch and to my surprise, I did feel some tension release from my right hip! Holy hipsters, Batman! Perhaps my phone is the culprit after all!

Speaking of manbags.. it’s kinda hard to “mind” them. At times, I want to just make a quick run to get something but I don’t want to carry my bag with me. I just reach into it and grab my wallet and I’m out. However, there have also been times when I’m out that I wish I had my pda/ipod/notebook with me that I do carry in the bag! What’s a man to do? heheh.. Maybe it’s time to bit the bullet and utilize the full capabilities of my bag as it does have room for a cell phone, in fact, it has a specialized pocket for it!


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