Journey in Meditation

Whoa… great to find another who is also venturing on the path of meditation and blogging about it! [via] I can totally relate to the whole

“I wanted to fidget and stand up. I really, really wanted to stop.”

This brought back such vivid memories of my first encounter of sitting mediation at a local zen center. I’m still enduring and I’m pushing through and many times I feel like I want to stop. I guess the thing that helps me is I have variety in my routine. I take up to 4 various postures during my meditation with three of them being standing.

You have the basic sitting zazen type posture, then you have the wuji standing posture where the hands are at the sides of your body. Next there’s the slight variation on that where the arms make a circular type of shape near your dantien, then you have the universal post posture where you hands are at about heart height and make a round shape.. hard to describe them all with words but check out “Warriors of Stillness” or the “Way of Energy” books for a lot more details on the postures.

I believe this is one way I “cheat” by alternating stances and postures. When I start to get restless, I just change postures, change shapes and then I focus on trying to relax different parts of my body.


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