If you’re tired then sleep

I’ve encountered the whole “better to sleep if feel tired” thing before but I guess I just don’t learn my lesson. The zhan zhuang was pretty good last night and not too many issues there. The use of PocketDoan has really helped out dramatically as my attention isn’t focused on time anymore. However, when I started during the sitting session I was good for like 5 mins and then just wanted to sleep.

I know I should be sleeping but if I do, then I won’t get any training time in. Maybe I should bump out the zazen at night and focus on the zhan zhuang, silk reeling form combo I did before. I’m not exactly sure how, but lately I’ve been cutting back on the silk reeling and forms practice to focus on meditation. I hit my 10 hrs of meditation point last night and I’m hyped! That’s 10% of my way through!!!

I need to get back into the groove like before where I did standing/training well before bed instead of cutting things so close now. It’s hard when last night’s drive home took 2.5 hrs as opposed to the 1 hr due to the weather!


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