ZZ Total – 7 hrs 15 mins

Slowly trudging along like the turtle I am, persistent yet slow.. ;) The zhanzhuang session went really smooth last night as I incorporated a new tool. I was having difficulty determining the length of time I was standing and ran across a link for PocketDoan which is AWESOME! I’m planning to modify my zhanzhuang session a bit to include a 1 minute intro and exit with three 5-minute sessions in between. At the end of each session is a little chime and when I hear it I change my hand postures. This is quite nice and I really like it.

After the zhanzhuang, I stretched and did some single handed silk reeling. That felt pretty good and I wanted to play around a bit more with the meditation stuff so I sat down for a 15 session of zazen. This one didn’t go quite as smoothly as my previous zazen session as I started to feel some tension in my mid-right-back, kua region and ankles. I adjusted my postures a bit but I think it’s just my body adjusting to the position. I know when I first tried zazen way back when I encountered similar pains but never really worked through them. I think perhaps I need to add more height to my makeshift cushion (folded up pillow and blanket).

After that I worked on some forms training. Basically alternated between yang and chen and did the first section of the long form. The first rep was holding the postures for both styles then I went through them again with a more continuous flow. I’m still feeling a lot more connected and feel as if I’m doing whole body movement with the yang as opposed to the chen. I’m really starting to wonder if that’s the “eternal teacher” (to quote a buddy of mine) trying to tell me something…


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