Need: Voice Recorder?

I think I need some type of voice recorder. I admit, I’m one of those ppl who *sometimes* makes calls while driving… (BAD, BAD, BAD), but it’s one of the few times that I can actually make calls and follow up on things. The hardest part I have about the whole ordeal is how to capture information after the call. I don’t want to bust out my note pad and write something down as that’s dangerous. I’d like to have some type of voice recording feature but not have to carry another device around.

I tried to call my cell phone and leave myself a message but that didn’t work. When I call, it recognizes it’s me and goes straight into my voicemail inbox. I checked the admin features but there is no option to “record a message”. One thing has worked and that’s calling home and leaving the message/note on my home answering machine. But the bad part of that is I don’t want to call and leave a message if my wife is home and she accidently pick up the phone. I think some other folks actually carry around a voice recorder for this purpose. I guess I could do the same but don’t really want to.

What would be cool is if I could find some type of service that allows me to call and have that call be sent to me as an email! That would be super cool and it’d be a great way to make sure I check the inboxes. Any ideas or suggestions?


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2 Responses to Need: Voice Recorder?

  1. Matt says:

    Stop the car, make your call, write it down, carry on.

  2. wujimon says:

    True.. while that’s the most safest solution, it’s not the most optimal when there are time constraints and traffic, but then again, I shouldn’t be on the phone during traffic time anyways. Lucky for me, it’s not a common thing I do.

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