ZZ Total – 6 hrs

Hit the 6 hr mark for my zhanzhuang practice. That means only have 94 more hours to go! As of late, the standing has been getting easier to manage as the mind does not chatter as much anymore. However, I’m starting to physically feel like my body is off balance. More specifically, the right side of my body is higher than my left side! Weird, eh? I recall reading in Way of Energy that after some time weird sensations can be felt and one of them is this physical imbalance.

I’ve also been playing around with the way I do the chen form. I’ve had instruction from 2 camps.. well actually 3 if you really count the nitty gritty. My first instruction came via the Ren Guangyi camp, my second instruction came via the Chen Xiaowang camp and finally I had some instruction via the Chen Zhenglei camp. True, while all three are considered “chen village” chen taiji, they have their unique differences.

Last night I was working on my posture and alignment at the end phases of the posture. Generally I have to self-correct the posture at the end as my hips may move a bit too far. Another correction is sometimes my hips don’t turn enough too. I noticed that if I do things like how I was shown via the CZL line, I have far less self-corrections to perform on myself. Another interesting note is I feel the form flows much smoother if I do things “his” way. Currently just playing around with these kind of feelings but it’s definintely something to note as I’ve always enjoyed the flavor of Chen Zhenglei.


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