Silk Reeling Exercises

Ohh.. these infamous little exercises that are so often glanced over by many, including myself. Like I had posted before, I’d much rather work on the form than do silk reeling. Ultimately, I believe this way b/c to me, silk reeling is SO HARD to do! It appears quite easy from the outside, but when you start to consider the angle of hips, the amount of shifting, the end placement of hip to thighs and not to mention all the other stuff that’s happening, it can be quite overwhelming! Some days, I’d just rather do the form and try to focus on something easy like being relaxed and feeling the flow. However, ultimately, I know I cannot really progress until I get a good understanding of silk reeling or chansigong.

Ran across a snippet on one of the discussion lists I follow:

IMO, without the total rebuild of the spinal axis not much can be done, and what’s done is puny. That’s (IMO) why Wu teaches the way it does.

The spinal rebuild can not be attempted until a yao rebuild, and that depends on open qua, and that depends on pelvic re-positioning .. lots and
lots of work before any complex (clean) ovement pattern can be attempted …

Source: TCCList – Silk Reeling Jin and Chen/Yang/Wu

OUCH! Another person noted this was the core process of taiji for at least the first 7 years! Man.. if this is the case, then I’m quite far behind in terms of progression b/c I’ve been doing taiji for roughly 6 years and I just started working on the pelvic repositioning and opening gua aspects!

That’s it.. time to buckle down and focus more on zhanzhuang and silk reeling. I’ve said this to myself before and I’m saying it to myself again and again and again and hopefully some day it will really kick in!

BTW.. when it is too hot to train? I only lasted about 15 mins yesterday at lunch before I couldn’t take it anymore. Just way too humid and hot outside. Felt like I couldn’t really breathe. Then after I get inside, I find out there’s some sort of EPA alert about air pollution and how the city is recommending folks to stay inside! GREAT! Wonder what I sucked down yesterday, luckily I was around a lot of trees so perhaps my air was filtered a bit. Same thing today.. EPA says stay inside and don’t mow the lawn. I can live with that )


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