Birdy Observer

81 Degrees outside with a nice subtle breeze. A great day to take a stroll over to the park and just stand in the shade to soak in the rays and wind. As I was standing in wuji position for some time, I noticed a little birdy was chillin on the ground near me. It was pretty cool b/c it felt as if he knew I posed him no harm.

I then moved into the second position (of 8 within the yiquan cycle, refer to Warriors of Stillness Vol 2 for more details). As I was standing there, I felt the calm cool breeze of the wind. I heard the leaves rustling and the birds chirping behind me. Gone was all the commotion of the work day. I was in the park.

Slowly, I shifted into position to begin single handed silk reeling exercises. As I stepped ot with my right leg and with the qi intention in my dantien, I noticed the little birdy there. He may have flown away and came back, not quite sure but it left a positive imprint in my mind to notice he was still there. As I shifted to the second position and with the intention in my uppper back, again I felt the wind blow slightly across my face. Shifting to the third position with my intention traveling from my shoulder to elbow to hand, I settled calmly, relaxed and held the posture, letting my tension melt down from my torso.

The whole session today was quite good. It was calm and peaceful. At the apex, I did a 25 min duration of the laojia yilu, going slowly and calmly focusing on my body, scanning for tension, minding the shifting and alignment of my hip to outer thigh. I ended the session with 5 mins of zhanzhuang in the wuji posture. I let the wind cool me down by drying the thin layer of sweat on my face.


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