Training Surface

What kind of training surface do most prefer? Yesterday, the ground was a bit wet so I decided to train in a parking lot across the street. It was nice being on a flat surface again. Most of the time, I’ve been training on carpet in the living room in my socks. Otherwise, I’ve been outside in the park on the grass. While I do like the lush landscape and soft ground, there’s something about training on the hard, flat surface.

On the grass, I have to be a bit more careful to make sure I don’t step on any twigs or doodoo. In addition, the uneven surface makes things quite interesting and challenging, but at the same time, perhaps a bit too challenging. One of the structural things I am currenty working on is the shifting of weight without fluctuation in height of my hips. Also, I’m really trying to work on the alignment and placement of my hips to the outer foot. Before, I would shift over too much and this would cause a lot of the weight and tension to get locked into my hip and not really get transferred down to the ground. I’ve been working on this alot and doing the zhanzhuang and silk reeling has really helped in regards to structural alignment. Now, I can feel that my hip is more relaxed and the energy can now sink into my thighs, which results in quite a workout! I thought I had strong thighs before due to my wushu training but I was sadly mistaken after I had relaxed my hips enough to fully transfer all the weight into my legs.

Thinking of these concepts reminds me that I want to reread an article about fixed leg silk reeling by Wang Haijun (disciple of Chen Zhenglei). I know that when I’m on a flat surface, I can really pay a lot more attention to these concepts. Oh.. the decisions… ;)


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