38 Form

Decided to do a bit of the 38 form yesterday during lunch after a sesion of the laojia yilu. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed practicing this form due to it’s variation. The 38 form is basically a combination of the laojia and xinjia forms of chen style taijiquan that was created by Chen Xiaowang.

While doing the laojia yilu is great, I feel it was good to have a bit of variation added to the mix. My flow is getting better and I can feel myself becoming more centered over lunch. I can easily come back to work and tackle the afternoon. If I had any complaints about the 38 form is that I miss the repetition of the traditional yilu elements, that is lazily tying the coat and single whip. I think it’s be really great if the beginning of the 38 was the same as the beginning of the laojia yilu. Hmm.. perhaps I’ll just do a slight variation on it for myself….

I was considering doing some training in the parking lot of a church as right now do it in a park. But after thinking, I feel it’s good to workout in a natural type of setting even tho the ground may be a bit uneven. I recall back in college when we’d go to the park and train, the hardest was when it was really windy and we were training on uneven ground. I guess it’s the perfect way to test your structure and stability!


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